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This listing is for a sterling silver ring with a sterling silver stone setting, surrounding a 2.5-3.5mm diameter rose cut diamond. the stones are raw and have unique patterns of inclusions to give them a lovely depth and character. The photo shows a rose gold bezel, which is an add on option in the menu. For a less expensive option, please see the crystal quartz April listing.
Birthstones are said to have originated from the 12 gemstones that adorned the breastplate of Aaron representing the 12 tribes of Israel. The colours of the stones had the greatest significance and it is thought that the specific stones have been adapted over time, but the colours have remained.
Each stone is said to have it's own properties and bring health and luck to the wearer of their stone. Nowadays we use them to represent loved ones too, and this is where the idea of birthstone stacking rings originated. Choosing your own stone, the stone of someone you love, or a combination of stones to represent more than one loved one.
April's chosen stone is Diamond, which is highly revered for it's rareness, strength and beauty. It is said to impart fearlessness, invincibility and bring clarity of mind. The image shown has a 9ct rose gold bezel (stone setting) you can add a 9ct eco gold bezel (stone setting) to add a touch of extra luxury. the ring band is eco sterling silver, made using 100% recycled silver.
Your ring will arrive carefully wrapped in tissue and gift boxed.

April birthstone stacking ring-luxury option - diamond

PriceFrom £90.00
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