Hello! So I got a bit carried away with the Easter and Spring feeling in the air, and made these tiny stid earrings. There are just two pairs, ready to ship to reach you in time for Easter Weekend.

They measure less than a centimetre top to bottom, one side being a pretty decorated egg, with a tell-tale crack appearing across the middle, the other side oops!! a tiny chick has hatched from the other pretty egg! These are fun, handmade items created using high quality recycled sterling silver, and the detail is sloghtly different on each earring. 

Please note that if you order anythig that isn't listed 'ready to ship' with your earrings they may not be posted in time for Easter.

The other items shown for display are - Easter plaque, Annabel Dann @annabeldannart

Easter bunny peg doll - Doli Dwt @dolidwt

Easter egg and hatchling earrings


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