These chunky, solid sterling silver hoops measure around 2.5cm diameter and will have post and butterfly fastenings.


These have been created from a hazel twig collected at Bishops Wood Gower, collected in June 2020 from discarded branches cut down to widen a footpath.


My twig range was born from my love of our native British woodland  and tree variaties. In my daily visits to local Gower woodland, I frequently happen upon trees and branches that have fallen in storms or heavy wind, have been weakened by fungus or natural causes, or worse, have been deliberately felled or damaged by human actions. 

I began scouring these fallen trees and branches for beautiful twigs, and collecting a few of my favourites which i would bring back to my hut. I catalogue each twig, where and when i found it, and how i believe the tree or branch came to fall. each twig then gets cast in sterling silver, in a process which burns away the original twig, and the molten silver is poured into the shape it leaves, meaning each cast is totally unique and particular to that twig.

once the cast is made, I assess each in turn to design and create a piece of jewellery to suit the character and shape of each twig, to enhance any special features. 

I have kept the range of designs small to make the beauty, texture and shape of the silver twig to really stand out.

Each piece is then shaped, filed, sanded, soldered and polished by hand to create the piece of jewellery.


The pictured piece is the item you will receive as each is unique. due to the nature of this range I am regrettably unable to make to order as I design around the twigs themselves.


Your jewellery will come gift boxed as standard.

Hazel twig hoops