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Into the Deep is a collection of pieces designed to feel as if they have been found as treasures in deep ocean waters, encrusted in sea life, shining with beauty. Made from solid Sterling Silver, this bracelet is intricate and detailed whilst also being delicate. Enhanced by solid ‘bubbles’ of gold and a gold pebble set with a 2.5mm Ocean Diamond, from a fully traceable, certified and environmentally sound source. This really is a special piece that looks even more beautiful when worn.

It can be delivered in a cloth pouch with tissue as due to the fluid shape, it doesn’t fit in a shallow box

Once owned, it can be carefully squeezed into shape a little to fit the wearer - it is not recommended that it is bent in and out repeatedly as this may weaken the bend point. Once fitted to the wrist it should not need repeated adjustment though.

Into the Deep Diamond bracelet

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