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Established in 2014, designer and silversmith Emily has been creating individual jewellery since childhood, where her love of jewellery began with her Grandma's selection of richly coloured and textured beads. Touching and enjoying these brought a real sense of pleasure, and this sense of enjoyment and pleasure at the tactile nature of jewellery has carried through into many of Emily's designs today.

Living by the sea, visiting the beautiful coastline of The Gower Peninsula, the UK's first designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, where she has lived for over two decades provides a source of endless inspiration for designs, from the breathtaking scenery, to the wildness of the dunes and marshes, to the natural beauty of the local woodland, where she spends time daily with her family and three rescue dogs.

Emily studied silversmithing within accredited courses over several years, alongside online courses and self learning since that initial course in 2003 which sparked her love  of metalsmithing.

In 2014, after taking a break to have a third child and project manage an eco house build, Emily  decided it was time to return to what she loved, and having bought a pink wooden Shepherds hut, and with help from her husband setting it up as a fully functioning workshop, One Little Hut was born.

Everything is done in house from design, to packaging, with a few special designs items being sent to a small independent casting company for casting before being returned to the hut for finishing.

One Little Hut jewellery is designed to be worn and enjoyed, as a small independent business each and every order and customer is extremely important, and customer service and satisfaction is a high priority always.

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